Your Eyes Are So Beautiful Messages –I Love Your Eyes Quotes

Your Eyes Are So Beautiful

Are you in love with someone’s eyes and want to express it to your lover. Well, here we are sharing beautiful eyes quotes, sms, messages and quotes.

Your Eyes Are So Beautiful Messages

Some people have nice eyes,

Some people have nice smiles,

Others have nice faces,

But u have all of them with a nice heart

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Sweet fruits r nice 2 eat, sweet words r nice 2 say, but sweet people r really hard 2 find. My goodness, how the hell did u manage 2 find me

People live People die People Laugh People Cry Some give up Some will try Some say hi Some say bye Others may forget YOU but never will I.

I Love Your Beautiful Eyes Quotes

Your Eyes Are So Beautiful sms

I wish my eyes could Speak what my heart Feels for you, Cause My lips can lie on what Is true, but My eyes couldn’t Cause Even if i close them I could still see you

A nice Thought read it twice. ”Those who are most slow in making a promise, Are the most faithful in fulfillng it”.

Why do we close our eyes when we pray, cry, kiss, dream ? Because the most beautiful things in life are not seen but felt only by heart.

Why do we close our Eyes When we Pray When we Cry When we Dream When we Kiss Because the Most BEAUTIFUL thing in life are not seen. But felt by the heart! DEFINITELY U,My Friend:) !

Your Eyes Are So Beautiful Messages – Respect Your Lover

Just open your eyes and see that life is beautiful

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Tears can sometimes be more special than smiles For smiles can be given to any one but tears are only shed for people we Hug.

The most beautiful people in the world are not those with attractive faces or skinny body, but those who know how to respect the beauty of others.

With my 1 Heart… 2 eyes… 5 litre blood… 206 bones… 1.2million Red Cells… 60 trillion D.N.A.’s… I wish u “All the very best of LUCK”…

Your Eyes Are Beautiful – Love Your Sweet Eyes

Your Eyes Are So Beautiful messages

U r a nice person… but..U have to do 2 things early in the morning… 1st. pray to God so that u can live…. 2nd.take a bath so that others can live….

Every nice friend Is a gift of God. Its one of lifes Best blessings A priceless gift That can never Be bought,sold, Or forgoten. Just like U

In God”s eyes, Love is never absent. In God”s heart, forgiveness is never impossible. In God”s embrace, no one is ever alone or forgotten.

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