First Time Falling in Love Quotes–You Are My First Love SMS

You Are My First Love

It happens with so many guys that they fall in love when you see someone first time. To share your love with your loved ones here we are sharing your are my first love sms and first time in falling in love quotes for you. Enjoy reading and sharing.

First Glance Love Quotes – You Are My First Love

The first time I saw you, I know right then that we have something special. The second I looked away from you, all I ever want to do is to look back.

The first time I laid my eyes on you, I know something is right there between us. Thank you, my first love. You truly change my life.

Sweetheart, love me like your first love and I will love you as my one and only.

In heaven and earth, you will always remain my first love.

You Are My First Love

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Sweetheart, love me like your first love and I will love you as my one and only.

In heaven and earth, you will always remain my first love.

The memories of our first date, our first kiss and our first I love you are remembered all throughout the rest of our lives.

First love is the first time that you will fall in love. It will change your life forever no matter how much you try; the feeling will never go away.

You Are My First Love Quotes & WhatsApp Status


It will take decades to forget your first love, the person who has created a big impact in your life.

Marriage is not just a one day affair. But, it is a lifetime affair that begins with love at first sight.

There is always that one person that you consider your first love. He or she is someone you have had feelings for since that moment that you first laid your eyes on them.

The first time that our eyes met, I know right then that our love was true and that I will love you forever and ever and that is what I am doing for you.

You Are My First Love SMS, Messages

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A lot of people do not often end up with a successful relationship with their first love. Yet, such love feels so damn perfect, which is similar to a fairytale. It may get ruined afterwards, but it’s definitely worth it.

First love is truly reckless. Without calculating, it will just throw everything in with pure passion and it will inevitably fail. But it is this experience that makes us want to fall in love over again.

People will always remember their first love with special tenderness. But after that, they will begin to bunch them.

First is love is just like a vaccination that saves a man from catching the complaint at the second time around.

I Fall in Love When Saw First Time

love at first sight

If you have been married for a hundred years, then it is nice to experience first love over again.

True love can be so passionate and tumultuous especially if it is first love that it will seem like a violent journey.

The first stab of first love is just like a sunset with a blaze of colors that come in pearly pinks, oranges and vibrant purples.

First love can be dangerous, especially if it is also the last.

A first love will always occupy a special place in our hearts.

First love or first romance is something so special both physically and emotionally that it will touch our lives and will enrich them forever.

First Love is Best Love – You Are My First Love

you are my first love

A man will always remember his first love with special tenderness.

I will never forget my first love for it is such a big part of who I am. We may never be together in a lot of ways, but this will not be forever, because first love is forever.

A man will be lucky if he is the first love of a woman. On the other hand, a woman will be lucky if she is the last love of the man.

Remember that your first love may also be the first one who will break your heart.

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