Romantic Christmas Wishes, Quotes, Shayari For Wife/GF

Christmas is here once again, are out of ideas on what to say to your Wife/GF? no need to worry. We have got you covered. Below are Romantic Christmas Wishes, Quotes, Shayari For Wife/GF


Christmas is the most popular religious festival in the world. Almost all the nations across the globe celebrate Christmas making the festival travel along with time for 24 hours.

Aside from the merriment, it gives around the world, this also serves as the perfect time for couples to be with each other and celebrate this Christmas with so much love and devotion. This is also a perfect opportunity for a boyfriend to let their girlfriends or a husband to his wife know how much he cherishes her.

Romantic Christmas Wishes For Wife/Girlfriend

I am blessed because after you came to my life,
I am having Christmas every day in my heart
Merry Christmas my Darling!!

Ever since I married to you,
I am having happy times
Merry Christmas Darling

You came to my life with
lot of happiness and fun
Merry Christmas my sweet

Romantic Christmas Messages For Wife

romantic christmas wishes for lovers

You have given me guidance,
You have given me support,
You have given me love,
Your guidance, support and love
Made me what I am now
Have a merry Christmas darling

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Some years before I was blessed
Because you agreed to marry me
Now As an happy husband I am having
great pleasure to wish you
A Christmas filled with fun and joy

Romantic Christmas Messages For Wife/GF

Romantic Christmas Wishes

If u sat bneath da Christmas tree.
U’d sure add 2 da d�cor.
Bt even if u were gift wrapped.
I couldn’t love u more.

U have 2 knowdat if I had u.
I’d have da gift I’d most adore.
Better dan any expensive gift.
I could purchase in a store.

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If u hug me tight, u wonderful thing.
& b my Christmas gift.

I really want 2 tell u.
Just hw precious u r 2 me.

Impressive Merry Christmas Wishes For Girlfriend/Wife

Dat words alone can’t say.
Dis comes especially 4 u.
With love on Christmas Day.

Years of longing pale in2 beauty.
Christmas is a never-realized dream.


24hrs make a lovely day
7 days make a lovely week
52 weeks make a lovely year & knowing a
person like me will make ur life lovely.
Have a lovely day n life!

Lovely Christmas Messages For Wife/Girlfriend

I dream about u evey nite
I shiver when ur in site
I long 2 hold u close n tight
I wanna b there with all my might
I m just hoping I’m da girl whos right

On dis Christmas” remembr” da jy dat
u give 2 others” is da jy dat comes back 2 u.
So b jyful & make others jyful too! Merry Christmas

Happy Birthday Jesus
We celebrate ur birthday 2day
We’re glad dat u were born u know
& we’ll talk 2 u when we pray.

Romantic Christmas Quotes For Wife/Girlfriend



  1. If you were turned into a snowman by an evil witch, I’d definitely us my magical kiss to turn you back into the man you are. Then I’d make you snuggle with me to warm me up.
  2. I’ve enjoyed making great Christmas memories with you, and I look forward to more to come.
  3. If I could package my heart and send it to you for Christmas, I would. Since I can’t, this card will have to do.
  4. You make me feel like a child waiting to open Christmas presents, even when it isn’t Christmas time. Of course, when it is Christmas time, I feel that way even more. I just like hanging out with you a lot.

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  1. Christmas is a great time to spend time with family. Even though you are not technically family, I feel like you are. Merry Christmas!
  2. It’s not just the Christmas lights; it’s also your smile. My heart feels so much warmth, when you make my Christmas bright.
  3. Knowing that you and I both have Jesus living in our hearts makes the distance between us a little more bearable. That’s the true meaning of Christmas for me this year.
  4. I can’t think of anyone I would rather spend Christmas with than you. I feel blessed as if I have been given a great present.

Romantic Christmas Quotes For Lovers

Merry-Christmas-Images-2014-for couples

    1. Christmas time is a great time to be your boyfriend/girlfriend. I get spoiled by you a lot anyway, let alone at Christmas time.
    2. Having you lets me be sure that I won’t be lonely or unloved this Christmas, just like having Jesus lets me be sure that I’ll never be lonely or unloved any time of year.
    3. This Christmas is Special for me, I am having a special person to think about Merry Christmas my love
    4. Love is heavenly and Christmas is an heavenly Festival So I am having great pleasure to wish Merry Christmas Merry Christmas sweetheart!!

  1. You are my love and hope, Everything seems fine when you’re around. I hope this love will be forever. Merry Christmas dear.
  2. My Christmas is more colorful on this year Because this year I am having your love Merry Christmas My Dear

Romantic Christmas Wishes For Couple

    1. Merry Christmas wishes to a special girl, Who has stole my heart. Enjoy Christmas with party and dance
    2. Christmas brings be happiness not because I can celebrate, But I know it brings happiness and cheers to my sweetheart Merry Christmas My Dear

  1. For the most special woman in my life, Who love me unconditionally, Who care for me Who cherish me Merry Christmas!
  2. I may not always say this but I want you to know that you’re the most awesome person I know The person who captured my heart And imprison me in her heart. Wishing you the best Christmas ever!
  3. We may not be together this Christmas But just remember that in my heart You will always be around Together, by heart and soul, we will celebrate Christmas Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  4. This Christmas, I’m sending you a LOVE CAKE baked with: 1 cup of love, 2 cups of trust, 1 cups of devotion, And a dash of charm, Merry Christmas, enjoy your gift!
  5. This is but a message. These are but words. But these spring from core of my soul To wish you all the best this season holds. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

Romantic Christmas Messages For Wife


  1. All my love for you will be my Christmas gift. I love you and I want us to celebrate Christmas Eve together at midnight tonight. Merry Christmas.
  2. Tonight I will dress up and look very pretty for you. I want you to look at me and feel glad to be my boyfriend. I want us to hold hands and wish each other a merry Christmas with a kiss.
  3. I do not want you to get me any presents. I only want to have you with me and I will be very happy. Your presence is enough to have a merry Christmas.
  4. There have been many tests to our love, but it is all over now. We are happy today and I want you to come to my house and welcome Christmas together. I love you
  5. It makes me very happy to have a boyfriend like you, someone who always keeps an eye on what happens to me, and who always gives me love and makes me very happy. At midnight tonight, I want to be with you to let you know I also love you with all my heart. Merry Christmas.
  6. Before I met you, all days were the same for me. Now that you are my boyfriend, it is important to be together every calendar day and show you how much I love you. Merry Christmas.
  7. You make me happy in many ways, but tonight you only need to be with me and welcome the son of God in our hearts. Merry Christmas.

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