Lovable Kiss Day Quotes For Him/Her

Kiss Day Quotes

Sending lovable Kiss Day Quotes to your loved ones directly means you are sending a lot of care and love to his/her. Here, we have shared a great collection of kiss day SMS for you. Read and share with your friends.

Happy Kiss Day Quotes & Wishes

Kissing is like drinking salted water: U drink and Ur thirst increases. Happy Kiss Day.

Kissing is a means of getting two people close each other.Happy Kiss day.

North to north, #south to south #my best direction is #mouth to mouth.. Happy Kiss Day

LUV is heat.You are sweet. _When two Lips are meet.LUV is complete. Happy Kiss Day..

#Kiss is the 1st step to show how much i luv U,#how much i think about U, #how much i miss you and #show that i trust u…Happy Kiss day.

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Kiss is the last Sign of Love Which can Complete the Love Relation…Happy Kiss Day.

luv is heat , which is very sweet, #luv is incomplete, till two lips meet. Happy Kiss Day.

A kiss is special thing that U can can’t take without giving, and U can’t give without taking.Happy Kiss Day.

Kiss is the first step to show
how much i love you,
how much i think about you,
how much i miss u
and show that i trust u…

Love is blind Be very kind
When I kiss you Please don’t mind
Kiss me and you will see stars
…. Love me and I will give them to you.

Kiss Day Quotes

If A Kiss Could
Say Just How
I Love You
Would Be On YOURS

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You Are Sweet Than Honey
Pure Than Milk
Soft Than Flower
Since I Have You As My Lover
Come To Me Near
I”ll Kiss Your Lips Without Fear
U”ll Say, Having You Is Treasure Be With Me For Ever

The R three kinds of kissing,
Kissing on cheeks,
Kissing on lipss,
Deep kissing,
So which U prefer 2 KISS me honey?
Happy Kiss Day love !!

kiss day msz

Let the rain kiss you.
Let the rain beat upon your head
With silver liquid drops.
Let the rain sing you a lullaby.

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A couple of years before he died,
I kissed my father goodbye.
He said, ‘Son, you haven’t kissed
Me since you were a little boy
.’ It went straight to my heart,
And I kissed him whenever
I saw him after that, and
My sons and I always
Kiss whenever we meet.

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